Experts in "You-ology"???Give me a break!

I was at patient at PAMF in Fremont for more than a year, but I don't want to review the doctor's performance, but rather their on-call service. This is because I've not been able to have a successfully pregnancy there, so my opinion on the doctors may be biased.

Late August, I had a miscarriage and the doctor was not able to see the fœtus, so he said it could have been an ectopic pregnancy and I should have kept it monitored (he did not prescribe further exams or anything like that). Long story short, on the Friday night of the Labor weekend I had to rush to the ER because, after trying for more than 2 hours to reach out the on-call doctor, I gave up and could not bear the pain in my right ovary anymore and I was scared it could have been because of the ectopic.

My husband called the on-call service 4 times and every time he was told they were trying their best to get in touch with the doctor. We were also denied the opportunity to call our doctor directly. The day after (at the ER they said it was very likely an ectopic and prescribed methotrexate), the on-call doctor called us and explained that the call center had her wrong phone number and did not try to call her on her landline number!!!

After further exams, it turned out that it was not an ectopic and a simply phone call with a reassuring doctor could have spared me the methotrexate, which put me to "rest" for 3 months.

Is this a clinic or candy shop? Are we patients or bank accounts to squeeze?

We wrote an official complaint to the PAMF and guess what: nobody ever replied!

Furthermore, if you really want to conceive and better understand the reasons of your infertility, don't stop here, keep looking.

Experts in "You-ology"???Give me a break!

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